Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ahh Metallica is Back!

Am waiting for Metallica's New Album 'Death Magnetic'... The song from the 'The Day That Never Comes' is released on their website. And it surely has got me excited. The song reminds the Good Old Metallica from Load, Metallica and some Ride the Lightning days.

The album also features Unforgiven 3! Now that has got me excited more then ever! A sequel to one of my favourite songs.... WOW!

I happily tell people that i am born and brought up with Metallica.... and so are million others of my generation... This band formed in 1981... Now why should i write the history... its all there on wikipedia... But yes... Formed Just two years before i was born... And it has gripped the world.... and they are back with what they are good with!

Wow! Am eagerly waiting for the album!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


C : Happy Independence Day
K: man change ur status
Sent at 11:35 PM on Monday
C: nahi
K: ok
Sent at 11:35 PM on Monday
C: desh drohi
K: look who is sitting where and who is calling whom what
Sent at 11:36 PM on Monday
C: tht really doesnt matter u know tht
K: everything that has to matter matters
everything that doesnt does too!
Sent at 11:38 PM on Monday
C: thts wot
Sent at 11:39 PM on Monday
C: and now u tryin to buy ur way out
K: no some ways are free
Sent at 11:39 PM on Monday
C: talkin like a desh drohi huh??
K: boundaries are created by humans
and humans break them
Sent at 11:42 PM on Monday
C: there u go
u r referring to humans as Indians
K: and why is that so
Sent at 11:42 PM on Monday
K: u might be perceiving something else
Sent at 11:43 PM on Monday
C: i never argue with desh drohis
K: what if ur definition is wrong
Sent at 11:44 PM on Monday
C: ur definitions and boundaries r wrong
thts yy u r a desh drohi
K: wrongly taken
boundaries dont exist for me
and definitions are but cages
built by humans to trap in words
Sent at 11:47 PM on Monday
C: tht means u will crossover to Pakistan and u r against India's Voice
K: that could also mean that i would bring peace to Afghanistan’s oppressed and represent humanity
if you look through a blue glass the worlds looks blue
C: Taliban also wanted peace
only as U say
K: nope
taliban wanted to control
C: their definition of peace was different
K: not peace
C: bush wants peace
K: same thing
C: once they have the oil of the world
K: bush is paranoid to the shitless extent
C: so u also want peace once u have betrayed our Beloved Bharat Mata (sniff)
angry face
K: well
what we know of india is something that we are taught of
we rarely have felt what it is to belong
and to make the most of this belonging
to the extent that somethings that have made us indians have also kept us away from being truly indians
C: so u want to b a Chinese patriot now
K: i want to join the humane brigade
C: Jihad??
K: if jihad is human, then gmail is yahoo
Sent at 11:56 PM on Monday
C: gmail and yahoo were founded by colleagues / friends / classmates Leaves of the same tree STANFORD
K: and they were after all HUMANS
Sent at 11:59 PM on Monday
C: yeah i mean to say they come from the same roots
K: but their fruits are different
an apple tree cannot grow mangoes
technically it can but then it doesnt remain an apple tree
Sent at 12:00 AM on Tuesday
C: thts wot u r a Desh Drohi
K: i think i am going to put this chat on my blog
C: yeah so tht u can broadcast to ur fellow Desh Drohis how a Patriot Indian thinks
u guys have advanced
u use computer technology now-a-days

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Follow Up!

Gaurav wrote a very touching poem which vividly describes the consequences of the recent blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. It was really scary to know that we are facing terror right in the face. The next guy on his cycle, the bhajiwala with his tokri... and so on...

There were reports that live bombs were found in Surat! Those couple of days, this thought must have been present in peoples mind.... 'What Next'... security was tightened at sensitive areas... but the threat might lie within.. like Gaurav says in his blog, is it really possible to identify the threats before?

I had some questions then on! But then i was not sure of putting them online.... what with people using cryptic messages to organize terror attacks... cyber intelligence screening web to check for possible threats... and so on... This can really elucidate the paranoia that has been spread in people... in me... all because the enemy is invisible.... metaphorically / literally speaking!

The major question was:
Are these attacks in any way related to the IAEA deal? Some way of telling india 'Stay away from US'?
(This was fuelled by another brewing conspiracy theory of the link of the IAEA debate in the parliament and the severe power crisis in the state of maharasthra. I mean the governments are at the centre and . The crisis in the state was just before the debate.... and once the deal was passed... the crisis has simmered down and load shedding reduced in the state of maharashtra.... Just a hypothesis!)

But one must say, the attacks are likely to be internal... or they lacked some sort of vision because it was just before the SAARC summit and the meeting of officials from our neighbouring country and US. Our neighbours are seriously put under some pressure... again a hypothesis!

But still, the real WMD lies within the mind which can be fuelled by Revenge, Religion and Remorse... or maybe just a Reaction!

The invisible enemy!