Friday, July 4, 2008


1. I wish i could sue the MSEB over their frequent, erratic, random 30 seconds power cuts, and get something out of it.

2. I want to do an experiment. My hypothesis is that in the Marathi serials 60-65% of the part is just background music (mostly just dhadaad-dhadaad-dhadaad x 5) with the camera focusing on the actors faces from various angles. I would like to do some time calculations and further statistical analysis. Maybe get a research paper out of it? Or maybe extend my research to hindi serials and get some more research papers!!! Wow, but something has to inspire me to actually do it!

3. How many of us really would like to see gmail adding new colours? Maybe not the themes like orkut but just some subtle soft colours?

4. The orkut addiction has much subsided now. Its Facebook now with its catchy applications! Currently am hooked on the Knighthood application.

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Shilpa Ramesh Maiya said...

Gosh...home is doing you some real good thinking eh?!