Friday, July 18, 2008

Pune Pattern

Starting with an announcement of 50 minutes load shedding / power cut, then changing it to about 2 hours (with detailed area wise timetable) eventually arriving to a figure of 2 and a half hours. All within a week or a wee bit more after initial announcement. This is the quintessential Pune Pattern!

No clue of what to do!

Which road to dig, when to start, when to stop, What to do!

Which is the right road, which is a one way (it means to most people that whichever side they are going on is the right way on a one way!)!

A jumbled mass of massive confusion!

Add to that some miscreants who take authority in their own hands and play god! like the recent attacks on education institutions over admissions! (Oxford of the East? Who? What? Where?)

Hysteria, if one steps on the road... Auto rickshaws drivers are most eligible to drive sukhois...Man! they will manoeuver the plane through the thickest enemies.. Dirt Track racers... Invisible vehicles for road crosser!... Racing tracks for Ferrari PMPL buses...

This is the quintessential Pune Pattern!

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