Friday, July 25, 2008

Pune Pattern II

Well, today's update is that the load shedding hours in Pune have been increased to 6 hours daily. It would be operated in 2 sessions. Well, needless to say, it might change sometime soon, again! More hours being added!

And does it make a difference to the malls, offices where AC is full blast? Does anyone bother with keeping the temperature appropriate, keep the area closed so that energy is not lost? Nope

Nothing can stop affluent people from wasting more and more!

1 comment:

AD said...

ameriket yeun bagh. pratyek minitala tu wastage baghun frustrate hoshil. ek paper napkin hawa asel tari 5 uchalayche ani 4 phekun dyayche, kahi nalanna speed control nasto tyamule dhabdhabach suru hoto, postman akkhya building che patra takayche astil tari gadi banda karat nahi, postmanach kay pan konich delivery or workmen gadi banda karat nahit sometimes for 10-12 minita gadi suru pahilya ahet me so on and so forth...