Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dirt Track Racers!

All the Puneites are experts in riding bikes (any make, any model) on dirt tracks! Thanks to the roads, of which half are potholed (courtesy the local government which the monsoons every year!) and the remaining half that are undergoing developmental work (Where the 'Go Slow, Work in Progress' sign is to be read as 'Slow Work in Progress, you have to Go')!

The JNNURM funds looks like a big scam for people who want to make concrete money and are really raking in the moolah!

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Preeta said...

So true!! So Guess we should divide Pune people in 3 categories: One the local government that doesnt do its work (the are just quick in putting up the Go Slow Work in... Board!!)
two, the people who break all the rules while driving... and cause all the more trouble.. and third.. the others wo often get irritated/or reach late due to (1) and (2) :)