Friday, July 25, 2008

Marathi Sahitya Sammelan in San Jose, California

I guess the title itself is more than enough to express some ironical angst.

Why in the world a Marathi Sammelan is to be held in America? I mean Marathi is not a language which is spread over the world in various areas like French / Spanish / German / Portuguese!

Some elitist people with a lot of money to spend on touring under the name of Sammelan wish to travel to California. Maybe spend some time in LA and then go north to Las Vegas and gamble some! They can definitely improve the Marathi vocab of the bouncers at the casinos! Tujhya Aaila... and so on!

Back home, people are not speaking Marathi! English is taking over as a language most widely used in the world! Small town folks are taking a lead and pushing their kids to English Medium Schools! Marathi literature fans are dwindling by the numbers. English is replacing Marathi words more n more. Like, 'Arrey, You carry on, mi tula nantar join karin!

And the solution to all this a Sahitya Sammelan in San Jose!

Can't these guys save money and donate it to needy rural schools?

Pune Pattern II

Well, today's update is that the load shedding hours in Pune have been increased to 6 hours daily. It would be operated in 2 sessions. Well, needless to say, it might change sometime soon, again! More hours being added!

And does it make a difference to the malls, offices where AC is full blast? Does anyone bother with keeping the temperature appropriate, keep the area closed so that energy is not lost? Nope

Nothing can stop affluent people from wasting more and more!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Deteriorating Sahyadris!

Route is the much travelled Mumbai - Pune rail road! Transport is the The 'Queen of the Deccan' or precisely the Deccan Queen. Site is the beautiful and pleasant Sahyadris.

The Deccan Queen (DQ) starts at about 7.15 am from Pune and reaches Lonavla by 8.20 - 8.30 am. The time when people need to feed their hungry tummies and break the fast carried during the night. The tea accompanies to get them started for the long day ahead!

And they are well served! Omelette's and Cutlets for the heavy eaters, Samosas and Sabudana wadas for the medium tummies and chips biscuits for the lighters ones!

All served in nice paper plates / Styrofoam cups / attractive plastic wrappings!

Ravenous appetites and train travel induced hunger makes people eat them as fast as possible and the whole aim then is to get rid of these carries. The plates, cups and wrappings! The easiest way is to throw them out!

No dustbins in the train, No moralities / ethics in people! So left with minimal choice, just throw them out! No one would want the useless items to linger around their berths!

And yes, next step is go for more food! Add more garbage! and just easily throw it out! From the windows towards the rustic valleys!

These areas area out of reach for garbage collectors! Rag pickers! (The city is so unclean, what to talk about garbage management in the hilly areas!)And after the feeding ritual is over, gaze at the beautiful valleys, the little streams, the tunnels, the fog and pay no heed to the garbage piling up!

Daily routine! Helpless people... Is there an option?

Why not just throw it below the berths which is cleaned at the stations? Why don't the daily travellers carry a plastic bag and collect the garbage and throw it at the station?

Its not that easy for one!

What an example are we setting for the children who tend to imitate their parents and think it is a game to throw things as far as possible!

I guess if they introduce Garbage throwing along with Shot Put and Javelin in the Olympics, Indians would definitely win! I would guess the team would entirely consist of the daily DQ travellers!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pune Pattern

Starting with an announcement of 50 minutes load shedding / power cut, then changing it to about 2 hours (with detailed area wise timetable) eventually arriving to a figure of 2 and a half hours. All within a week or a wee bit more after initial announcement. This is the quintessential Pune Pattern!

No clue of what to do!

Which road to dig, when to start, when to stop, What to do!

Which is the right road, which is a one way (it means to most people that whichever side they are going on is the right way on a one way!)!

A jumbled mass of massive confusion!

Add to that some miscreants who take authority in their own hands and play god! like the recent attacks on education institutions over admissions! (Oxford of the East? Who? What? Where?)

Hysteria, if one steps on the road... Auto rickshaws drivers are most eligible to drive sukhois...Man! they will manoeuver the plane through the thickest enemies.. Dirt Track racers... Invisible vehicles for road crosser!... Racing tracks for Ferrari PMPL buses...

This is the quintessential Pune Pattern!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Is it that Dhoni wants to concentrate more on Ad's now that his charges are way UP!!! Or maybe he wants to spend the money he has been earning on something! I mean now he doesnt even have to spend a lot of money to groom his hair since they are short!

BCCI is giving the poor guy no time to do all this!!! He is playing continous cricket since IPL!

How to spend all the Rs 50 crores he would get for 2008-2009!

Friday, July 4, 2008


1. I wish i could sue the MSEB over their frequent, erratic, random 30 seconds power cuts, and get something out of it.

2. I want to do an experiment. My hypothesis is that in the Marathi serials 60-65% of the part is just background music (mostly just dhadaad-dhadaad-dhadaad x 5) with the camera focusing on the actors faces from various angles. I would like to do some time calculations and further statistical analysis. Maybe get a research paper out of it? Or maybe extend my research to hindi serials and get some more research papers!!! Wow, but something has to inspire me to actually do it!

3. How many of us really would like to see gmail adding new colours? Maybe not the themes like orkut but just some subtle soft colours?

4. The orkut addiction has much subsided now. Its Facebook now with its catchy applications! Currently am hooked on the Knighthood application.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Diabolic Agenda!

I was going through my poems the other day and found this series of poems i wrote on a satanic child or Satan's child! Wonder what had made me initiate writing it, but i guess it is the adolescent anger against the system. (I am still an adolescent if i may declare!)

The first one goes with the princess of some land being abducted and the satanic child is brought to the world through her! I don't think i had realised that it would turn into a series of 5 (and i do want to write the sixth one sometime!) at that time. But man its evil! I surprise myself at times.

But i do believe... Wont be able to write poems like i used to then. All the myriad set of words and their combinational play so as to derive amazing meanings are feelings!

Ah I wish i could write better!

Dirt Track Racers!

All the Puneites are experts in riding bikes (any make, any model) on dirt tracks! Thanks to the roads, of which half are potholed (courtesy the local government which the monsoons every year!) and the remaining half that are undergoing developmental work (Where the 'Go Slow, Work in Progress' sign is to be read as 'Slow Work in Progress, you have to Go')!

The JNNURM funds looks like a big scam for people who want to make concrete money and are really raking in the moolah!