Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ironical Environmentalism

Some of my thoughts on Environmental Movements in todays world!!!

CDM or Clean Development Mechanisms..A booming area..Indians are cashing big on Carbon Credits! All the Carbon Players in the Carbon League (Sounds cliched now right) are earning big bucks which has paved a way for a new area. And all the guys who save carbon credits have to do is pray for mistakes that their client commits.
Going ahead, its nice to buy BIG SUV's then right? What with all the carbon money which can fuel the carbon emitting and fuel guzzling cars? It seems alright eh?
Commitment to true environment thought? (Wish i could increase the size of the question mark!!! but it doesn't aesthetically please does it!!!)

P.U.C - Pollution under control or Pollution Used for Cashing (More revenue, needless to say more!)

Solid Waste Management (SWM) - The Bottom Up approach includes the ground workers with lethargic staff but some committed NGO's who try to work towards increasing awareness amongst people (which is the most important factor for destruction of Environment in India) and also try to work for the welfare of the Waste Collectors or Rag Pickers as vernacularly called.
The Top Down approach includes huge funded projects by international funding agencies. Consultants are hired to suggest better models for SWM who try to work with some cities or towns as models and in the process while cursing and making fun of each other, publish nice glossy reports which are read / not read but eventually add to potential waste material. (Needless to say many N - 1 (N minus many) reports are printed at consultants office almost daily and scrapped for report improvement so that a best report can be published to attract more clients!)

Do people themselves follow their 'Do Not Print this email unless its really important (there goes the catch)! Think of the environmental impacts of your actions!' at least 50% of the times?

Well there are many more areas like this.... i will keep it rolling as they come to me!


Preeta said...
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k said...

I like the way you have put it, Green Notes is the key to going green!!!

Me said...

U r right Sir!!!!
its funny how ppl waste electricity to organize a function to talk abt saving energy...
Lead the way Master..
What do thee have in mind?