Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As the fog cleared out over the sea, sleep cleared from my mind with the 'cutting chai' that i was sipping.

The morning well into the sun brought out the agenda for the day and I started sorting it out into clarity. On the way back, I noticed a couple, A man dressed in his office best and his wife (i assume here) who came along to drop him at the gate.

Being far away to actually hear, but close enough to observe; I saw that she remarked something about his shoes. He tried to see what was wrong but she just bent down and removed whatever she felt was not at the right place.

This small act just logged through the still misty clarity and till I reached the room it had rooted.

Act if Love? Small act on a Sunny day? Act with the bright morning faces!

Wonders these questions, is what they are.... this small act triggered many such questions, directly or indirectly related... but lead to the one big one...humans and their minds, actions and their meanings....

What must have been going on through everyones mind? Man, rushing to work and wife removing a speck from his shoes but leaving one on his heart....And me a passerby, maybe with more questions than i can understand... Every question arriving to an answer and then slowly evading it, leading to other........