Thursday, December 27, 2007


Again on the parallel tracks, staring out and looking at another pair of them, but this time am in a different state. Carrying memories from current meets which had rekindled the good old days more strongly than usual.

That was a picnic on those parallel tracks. Schooldays, friends and moments....all now just memories....and all as picnics as compared to the journey of now. We had some innocence, a lot of fire and cheery and adventurous spirit.... we were just clay to be moulded or being moulded on those parallel tracks...

Now each of us stares out our own window, looks out at the parallel tracks and try to look past to where they reach, more often towards the back than in the future... The places they have left, but pictures in our mind. The talks that have evaporated but feelings left with us... Smiling at the corner of our lips, for a minute we stop being Atlases with the burden of the earth, but then these thoughts also move fast as the parallel tracks and leave with a vacuum and we hunt and wait for these lovely memories.

Now we are on our own journey, painting our pictures, sketching our dreams, writing our feelings, listening to the melodies our memories.... our own journey... our own parallel tracks!!

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